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We created Just a small change with a simple goal:
Provide a single site that would provide tips and easy ways to reduce our everyday plastic usage and a place to purchase an ecofriendly and sustainable alternative to Plastic.

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Just a Small Change Logo - picture of Earth with multi-colored wide arrows coming from back point towards the center of the Earth image. Just a Small Change words are placed in between each of the arrows. Looks Cool!
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Just a small change

Reusable Reference Center

We try to cover large variety of topics however, if there is a topic you would like to see please, reach out to us and we can add that that item to the top of the pile!

Grobox.ca 9in1 17" raised box
Environmentally Friendly

Grobox 17″ Raised Bed Project

We are going to be purchasing a 17″ tall 9 in 1 Raised boxes from Grobox this Spring/Summer of 2024. We are looking for natural ways to prevent the wild rabbits in our neighborhood from eating our veggies! Stay tuned for more details on this project

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Cotton Makeup wipes with cotton net bag available at justasmallchange.com

Bamboo Cotton rounds – 10pc Reusable Cotton rounds or Makeup pads and mesh bag

Stainless Steel Cutlery set - 3 pcs and chopsticks laid out with blue case on place mat

Full-Sized Stainless Steel Cutlery Travel Set 3pc with chopsticks and zippered bag